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Here are some of the publications that End 2 End Books has been responsible for producing. The titles demonstrate a variety of subject matter ranging from Aboriginal art to an award winning photographic book on steam engines.

Volkswagen in Australia: The Forgotten Story
Cattlemen of the High Country
Patterns of Steam
Volkswagen In Australia: The Forgotten Story
Rod Davies and Lloyd Davies

"We were very happy with the process. Particularly the way End 2 End Books took time to understand what was important. Volkswagen in Australia was a labour of love for three years, and End 2 End Books ensured that the offshore printing and distribution process were professionally managed all the way."
Cattlemen of the High Country
Jane Holth

"From the first phone call End 2 End Books enthusiastically supported my project and gave me total confidence in their expertise particularly in scanning old photographs and slides and their professional handling of book production. They went out of their way to supply advance copies for the launch, which was linked to another pre-arranged event. The result is a book I am very proud of."
Patterns of Steam
Shane McCarthy

"I am amazed and absolutely delighted to tell you that Patterns Of Steam won the first prize, "For excellence in book production and manufacture" at the 2008 galley awards."